Therapeutic MusicSpecial guest: Michael S. Tyrrell has dedicated over 4 decades to the study of music. Michael discovered specific sounds are scientifically proven to encourage energy, relieve stress, aid in better sleep, and even calm animals. Michael S. Tyrrell is the founder and president of Wholetones, Inc., a healing frequency music project that helps aid health, creativity, productivity and well-being. In 2014, Michael released his album, Wholetones: The Healing Frequency Music Project, accompanied by his book titled, Wholetones: The Sound of Healing. Since then, Michael has released Wholetones 2Sleep, as well as Wholetones: Calming, Soothing Music Pets, Wholetones Christmas Volume 1, and his latest release, Wholetones ACTIV. Passionate about musical healing, Michael travels nationally and internationally as a key-note and motivational speaker on the power of therapeutic music.