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Join hosts Dana Laake and Dr. Kevin Passero for lively weekly discussions with health experts and
thought leaders in the fields of integrative, personalized, and functional medicine.

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Bone density and bone health

Topic: Bone density and bone health
Special guest: Dallas Cloutre, Ph.D. is the New Product Development & Marketing Consultant for Jarrow Formulas.


Omegas and bone nutrients for supporting core nutrition

Dana Laake and her special guest Bill Shaddle will be discussing omegas and bone nutrients for supporting core nutrition.

Bill Shaddle has been involved in helping doctors understand and apply nutrition as a therapeutic tool for more than 35 years. Bill has managed sales teams, product lines, divisions and companies in the nutritional sciences field. He has developed workshops and training programs on different health and nutritional topics and is co-author of the acclaimed Nutrition Masters Course series. Bill is currently the Senior Director of Training for Metagenics, where he uses his background and knowledge to help train representatives to support practitioners.


Secondary causes of osteoporosis

Topics: Secondary causes of osteoporosis
Special guest: Dr. Hai Jin Kim – integrative and holistic family practice physician


The health benefits of resveratrol and vitamin K2

Topics: The health benefits of resveratrol and vitamin K2
Special guest: Dr. Brian Tanzer, M.S. – consultant for Pathway supplements, Village Green’s exclusive brand of supplements


MCHC and bone health

Topics: MCHC and bone health
Special guest: Deanna Minich, Ph.D, FACN, CNS – author, and speaker on nutritional research and lifestyle medicine to treat chronic diseases