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Join hosts Dana Laake and Dr. Kevin Passero for lively weekly discussions with health experts and
thought leaders in the fields of integrative, personalized, and functional medicine.

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New advancements of Jarrow Formulas’ product, BroccoMax

Dana Laake and her special Anthony Thomas will discuss new advancements of Jarrow Formulas’ product, BroccoMax.

Anthony Thomas, Ph.D., serves on Jarrow Formulas’ Scientific Panel. His primary research interests have focused on the influence of dietary and lifestyle factors on the pathogenesis of chronic cardiovascular/metabolic diseases including obesity, insulin resistance syndrome, and type 2 diabetes. He has authored/co-authored multiple peer reviewed scientific manuscripts and contributed his expertise in the fields of nutrition, obesity, and diabetes for a number of scientific journals.


Natural Therapies for Cholesterol Management

Host Dana Laake and her special guest Dallas Cloutre, Ph.D. will be discussing natural therapies for cholesterol management.

Dr. Clouatre earned his A.B. from Stanford and his Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley. A Fellow of the American College of Nutrition, he is a prominent industry consultant, author of numerous books and a sought-after speaker. Dr. Clouatre is the New Product Development & Marketing Consultant for Jarrow Formulas.


Benefits of activated silicon (JarroSil), health news, dangerous prescription drugs

Topics: Benefits of activated silicon (JarroSil), health news, dangerous prescription drugs
Special guest: Kevin Connolly, Ph.D – Director of Scientific Affairs and Product Development at Jarrow Formulas