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Gut Health from a Functional Medicine Perspective

Special guest: Katie Morra, MS, RD, LDN, is a functional medicine practitioner and registered dietitian specializing in the gut microbiome. Her focus is to address the root causes of autoimmune diseases, IBS, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), food intolerances and leaky gut, amongst other diagnoses. Katie currently practices in Bethesda, Maryland, and is the co-founder and host of the Gut Honest Truth podcast on iTunes – where sarcasm and wit meet honesty to tackle the elephants in the room around your health and well-being. Katie completed her master’s degree in nutrition at Sage Graduate School in upstate New York and functional medicine training at the Institute for Functional Medicine.


Natural approaches for severe GI malabsorption including celiac, Crohn’s, UC, IBS

Special guest: Sara LeBrun-Blashka

Sara LeBrun-Blashka is the Director of Medical Nutrition and Practitioner Engagement at Metagenics. Sara led the teams that launched Ultra Glucose Control, UltraMeal Advanced Protein, New and Improved UltraInflamX Plus 360, and SPM Active. Sara is a nutritionist with a Bachelor of Science in dietetics and food science from Iowa State University.


Irritable Bowel Support (IBS)

Irritable Bowel Support (IBS) with special guest: Silvano Arnoldo – Jarrow Formulas probiotic consultant.


Integrative approach to common digestive complaints (IBS, constipation, colitis, Crohn’s disease)

Topics: Integrative approach to common digestive complaints (IBS, constipation, colitis, Crohn’s disease)
Special guest: Dr. Janine Blackman – family physician and co-founder of The Gilbert Clinic, a private integrative healthcare practice