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Join hosts Dana Laake and Dr. Kevin Passero for lively weekly discussions with health experts and
thought leaders in the fields of integrative, personalized, and functional medicine.

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How to lose weight and still eat your cake!

Dana Laake and her special guest Heather Gunn, MS, CNS, LDN will be discussing how to lose weight and still eat your cake!

Heather is a clinical herbalist, licensed nutritionist and fitness consultant. Heather attained a Master of Science in Plant Medicine from the Maryland University of Integrative Health (MUIH) and is also a certified nutrition specialist in Maryland. Her special interests are supporting overall health, weight loss, hormone balance and stress management. Heather is a strong believer in functional wellness and uses nutrition and plants to support good sleep, improved energy, better concentration, low stress levels and balanced hormone production.


The Omni Diet – a program to lose weight, reverse disease, and fight innflammation

Dana Laake and her special guest Tana Amen will be discussing the Omni Diet.

Tana Amen is a nurse, New York Times bestselling author, highly respected health and fitness expert, and a nationally renowned speaker and media guest. In addition to working with her husband at The Amen Clinics, Tana was a nutrition consultant and part of the team, which included Dr. Daniel Amen, Dr. Mark Hyman and Dr. Mehmet Oz, that helped create the Daniel Plan. Keeping her family and friends focused on fitness and health is a primary value for her.